Based in Hayes, West London, Lee Warren has a highly skilled production workforce, able to work with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Having total control over the manufacturing process, integrated with the latest combinations of  2D, 3D and BIM enabled CAD design software, industry standard programming software, and Lee Warrens own bespoke job management system JMS, Lee Warren are able to produce ‘right first time’ production and value engineered products on a 24/7 basis, allowing Lee Warren to align with their clients construction programmes, and the flexibility to react proactively and positively to late instruction or change.


Having 60,000ft² of dedicated production space equipped with an extensive range of modern CNC integrated manufacturing equipment, including state of the art laser cutting equipment, Lee Warren are able to deliver a wide range of components, whether fine in detail or complex in size and geometry.  Lee Warren has the demonstrable expertise in the production of ‘off site’ fully assembled factory finished components and structures, as well as the space to enable the validation of dimensional constraints and installation methodologies through ‘off site’ proof assembly of components and structures.


Fully factory assembled and finished fixed link bridges for Heathrow Airport


Off site pre-assembly and dimensional validation of a new passenger footbridge for Docklands Light Railway

Factory pre assembly and validation of a complex geometrical structural steel support structure for a refurbishment project in

King Street, London